Audio Visual FAQ’S

Welcome to the JMPS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) page.

If your question has not been answered please don’t hesitate to get in touch by email or telephone:

T: +44(0) 1223 459702

What Locations do you cover?

We deliver our services nationally with occasional international work too.

Will you set up the AV equipment for us?

Our services can include setup and operation of equipment or if you are confident setting it up yourselves you can ‘Dry hire’ it form us. 

How long does it take to set up the equipment?

Basic systems can be setup very quickly however it is best to speak to one of the team about your requirements to ascertain exactly what the requirements are first.

Do you provide training to set up and use the equipment?

We can provide an overview of our equipment at our premises or onsite. More in depth training would be best sourced elsewhere, we can advise on this.

Will there be a technician on site if required?

Absolutely, most of our work includes management and operation of all equipment.

Can we hire your equipment for long periods?

Sure, we offer higher discount over longer periods, please call the office if you have this type of requirements.

Can you record the event for us?

We offer event recording services and can also stream it live too.

Do you provide spare equipment in case of technical issues?

In most cases we will have some kind of spare equipment on site, this would certainly include spare lamps and cables and sometimes will included replicas of equipment, especially where we are providing production services.

When we choose the equipment, what happens next?

It’s best to phone or email the office where you can speak with a member of our team who can talk you through the process further.

What happens if my equipment does not work on the day?

Phone through to the office, where we will do our best to talk you through any potential problems. If it can’t be solved over the phone we will do our best to get across to your location as quickly as possible.

Is the equipment waterproof and can it be used outdoors?

We do supply waterproof equipment, this would need to be stated to us at the enquiry stage but is certainly an option we can offer.

Do you deliver the equipment and pick up for us?

Sure, we can deliver and collect equipment from any location.

How up to date is the equipment you hire?

We try to keep all equipment as up to date as possible and if we don’t stock the desired item we can usually source it for you.

Can you advise me on the equipment I need for my event?

Absolutely, a major part of our service is advising on how to bring together technical events.

Does the venue need separate insurance for damage?

The insurance is the responsibility of the hirer when the JMPS team aren’t on site. If it can be arranged by the venue then this would also be fine.

Do you cover Weddings or is it just commercial events?

Yes we also cover weddings too, lighting, staging, power, anything you need really!

How much will it cost, do you have a price list?

This would depend on the equipment needed and the duration of the hire. It’s best to contact one of the team for more precise information on this.

Do you charge for cost of travel?

Yes we charge for delivery but can offer customer collection from our warehouse.

Can we do a rehearsal before the event?

Sure, in fact we really recommend that you do. This can also be very helpful for our team from a technical point of view.

Can we cancel and do we get a refund?

Once a job is confirmed our Cancellation terms are – Up to 7 days before the lease period: Not less than 50% of total hire charge, plus other applicable charges. Cancellation at any later date: 100% of total hire charge, plus other applicable charges. Equipment cancellation after delivery/ Hirer collection will be charged at 100% plus delivery.

Do you have any cameras that work with drones?

Currently this is not a service that we offer although we have many contact that can help with this, please get in touch to hear more.

Do you provide a last minute hire service?

Yes we do, if we have the equipment available we will do everything possible to get it across to you last minute.

What are projector Lumens?

Projector Lumens are a measurement of the visible light emitted by the projector. It is important to know this value as if the output isn’t high enough the image can look washed out and in high ambient light environments sometimes not visible at all.

How should I send my power requirements across?

Ideally in Amps or Watts. We can talk direct with your suppliers if you prefer not to deal with the technical side of your event.

What size stage and tread heights are best from a H&S perspective

A combination of building regulations and event H&S guidelines allude to maximum steps of 190mm at a time. For small stages we stock 380mm and 570mm height stage legs with 190mm steps. Both of which are under the mandatory hand rail height.

How far can I send HDMI signals?

Usually with good quality cable you can get 10 metres, sometimes further. We stock kits that can convert your signal and send it 180m.

Do I need a licence for radio microphones?

Yes, however if you hire our microphones the come with licences included in the hire price.