Comfort Screens

Audio Visual Technical Solutions

When it is your goal to deliver seamless presentations to your audience, using audio visual equipment on or around the stage can be an impressive addition to your armoury.
Expectations are high these days and anything short of perfection may be associated with an amateur, monotonous or even lazy performance that leaves the audience far from engaged and looking at their watch longing for the coffee break.
Below are a few audio visual technical solutions that may help with you conference, presentation or other live event.

Keep on Track with Comfort Monitors

Whether you’re presenting a Powerpoint show or Q and A with voting software its vital know exactly where you are within your presentation. Having comfort monitors in the right location showing a main screen duplication or ‘presenter view’ page this can be a key point to keep you on track. Some of our clients appreciate large flat screens on the floor angled up to the stage are whilst others prefer small preview screens on top tables or the lectern position, all solutions are possible through JMPS ranging from tiny 10” screen up to 75” mammoths.

Keep it to Time

Lengthy, thorough, comprehensive presentations can be great in the right environment where people appreciate the content but if it doesn’t keep to time not only do your key points become blurred but the rest of the day can overrun leaving less time for other presenters. Our solution for this is to either supply countdown timers or time of day screens for presenters. These can be sent to comfort screens like the ones mentioned above or to specialist LED panels shown in the photo below.

Collaboration is everything

Once you have engaged your audience its natural there will be other areas of interest that they may want you to elaborate on, the usual approach is to include a Q and A session with a few stewards to hand around roving microphones. The problem we often notice is the presenter struggles to hear the questions that the audience are asking because the main PA system is setup and focused towards the audience, not the stage area. A very simple solution is the supply of foldback speakers. Put simply foldback PA speakers usually only use audio from the Q and A handhelds at a volume pre-set as agreed with the onstage presenter. It’s a simple low-cost addition that allows for open, clear dialogue that can be heard by everyone.

There are many more examples of audio visual technical solution which we can discuss and offer as hire items for a range of live events. If you’d like to talk through your hire requirements with one of the team, please call on 01223 459 702 or email