What to Consider When Looking for a Suitable Audio Visual Systems Supplier

There are many things that you need to look for when searching for a competent supplier of audio visual equipment. There are often benefits of using a local company for small hires, it keeps costs down and there is less worry that your supplier will arrive on time. We supply audio visual hire in Cambridge quite frequently with it being less than 15 minute journey. However when the event requires a larger amount of audio visual equipment the location becomes less important and you may need to take more into consideration that just the location of your potential supplier.

To the uninitiated the procurement of AV companies and audio visual production can often seem like an intangible process led by high-tech whizz kids speaking a language only understood by a small group of ‘techies’ and although the futuristic and fast changing electronics at the core of the industry are the foundation of all live events, choosing your Audio visual hire company can sometimes be best found looking for a supplier using traditional techniques with a good track record. There’s a lot to be said, especially on the larger events for audio visual systems that just work! 4k projection is nice, 360 degree projection is event better! And who doesn’t want to see a hologram at the next product launch that they attend?!! But if it fails during the event, what was it worth.

The point here is not that you should avoid choosing companies that offer all the bells and whistles that takes your event to the next level but perhaps look a little deeper when making your decision to hand over the responsibility of your next event. Most of the respected AV hire companies longevity lies in using tried and tested systems and audio visual equipment adopted by the AV hire industry that have been developed and refined at a sensible rate laying the route for us all to follow. There are plenty of companies out there that will offer you much much more for much much less but using them could result in a poor service that gets poor results.

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